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Chin Sharp Razor – Part 2

Electric State

Aardvark Bar, 26 Feb 2022

With the recent released #rockslab release, “Green Machine” setting a benchmark for driving, anthemic, guitar rock Electric State surprised all by featuring four new songs in their eleven song set.
However being surprised at a Electric State gig is no surprise.
Back to the music, among the new compositions “Background Noise” stuck in my head.
Meanwhile Rob was at his eccentric and oddball best. Off stage walk-abouts, random interviews with the music aficionado’s present, beard quality testing, matching their fifth member, Janice the Megaphone, with a consort for the evening, Mexican stand-off’s with local on-air Rock Legend Frankinator (yes, he and Ryan of Rockaria 107.3 HFM fame were present) for allegedly snuffing out the Frankinator’s beloved cap and all while conducting audience sing-alongs.
Of the current white-hot “Green Machine” release numbers, where all songs are stormers, “Fed by the Algorithm” is a personnel fav, while the Rockaria Heads vouch for “Run”.
“Get In You”, “Light It Up”, F$#k My Head (FMH)”, “Mirror” and “Tomorrows Sun” were the remaining “Green Machine” items featured.
Maintaining their energy they are also heading into the studio in the forth coming weeks, capturing the energy and up-tempo vibrations for the next release. Riding the Wave Indeed!
And lets not forget The Cowbell, spreading the love in the closing songs.
Another riot in the basement, cleansing the space, and all captured in the Gig Photos – click the button below.
Rob- Guitar/Vocals/Megaphone, Russ-Riff Master Guitar, Paul-Rampaging Bass, Bill-Green Machine Drums

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