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Liberated Love – Part 3

The Floors

Mojo’s Bar, 24 Jun 2022


Dynamic trio The Floors pummelled the gathering of music aficionados with ear splitting, head shaking, blues beat, rock and roll.
Fuzz box effects ensure distorted beauty emerges and the heats rises inducing the sweaty conditions that evolved.
Frenetic, furious and intense drums strokes by Ash gives the power with Ryan’s frenzied bass runs giving structure where Luke can build and craft their art.
The energic way The Floors attack their passion was demonstrated by Luke breaking a string on not one but two instruments.
Luke’s blues soaked vocals and wild but controlled master ship of the wailing guitar flavours the overall picture.
Halfway through the set it struck be that their style is akin to Motorhead with the thrash/speed element toned done. I’m sure Lemmy himself would applaud The Floors craftsmanship.
They summoned up the passion and let is run free in a show of liberating love of rock.
Kudos to Mojo’s bar staff for lubricating the event and the sound desk for delivering the aural goods.
Luke Dux - Throat/Guitar ;
Ryan Dux - Bass/Vocal
Ashley Doodkorte - Drum Kit/Vocals

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