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Liberated Love – Part 1


Mojo’s Bar, 24 Jun 2022


The Show Must Go On! Working as a three piece with Covid19 taking down a member of the quartet Unicorn fronted up and played a butt kicking set of toe taping guitar rock tunes. The front singer/rhythm guitarist Jenna taking on solo six-string activities. Jesses powerful drums powered the set with Ella’s base adding to the bounce.
The Mojo’s early birds reciprocated in kind to the enthusiastic set with keen, eager applause and tweets a plenty.
With a new single “Cats” launch coming up catch them at Clancy’s 01 July.
Jenna Hardie, Vocals/rhythm guitar (Filth Wizard, Gold Suns, The Government);
Jessica June: drums (The Tommyhawks, Filth Wizard);
Ella Munro (Last Lions).
MIA: Doug May, (Abbe May, The Fuzz, Ghetto Crystal)

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