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Birthday Bash – Part 4


Lyrics Underground, 25 Sep 2022


Musically MAGE are a meeting of Soundgarden riffs with Black Sabbath bass work flying with Wishbone Ash twin solo’s played with Prog Rock intensity drumming and Queens of the Stone Age fuzzbox. They are a tight powerhouse wall of riffs that meet you head on, rolling the new into past like a guided missile with laser like focus.

Visually the explosive drumming style demands your attention and attention. The dark intense surroundings of the bass players eyes and demonic bass work means this is one dude you never turn your back to else you end up another victim of this psychotic killer.
Fronted by a werewolf of rock throwing dynamic shapes while playing note perfect, precise notes makes for a central piece of deadly cuts.

Flanked by an equally intense and dark guitar who fires up the night with correspondingly six string skills. Early on my faulty brain scan software identified a striking likeness to Baldrick (of Blackadder) and once this connection was made, I could not shake it out. This only adding to the madness of it all.

Joined by a vocalist with unique skills a death metal type song was attacked with venom.
MAGE make a compelling musical statement for future success.

See photos for full set list.
MDGE are Michael McIntosh (vocals/guitar), Dean Turner (drums), Anthony Lomma (bass), Clayton Brown (guitar)
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