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Stormrider Like the Wind


Badlands, 01 Oct 2022


Street Creature
Early bird opener Street Creature played a rocking set of original 80’s style LA rock that got the early birds chippering with delight.

Electric State
A vintage Electric State performance where a moving structure of uplifting hard driving metal built on a chassis base of nineties alt rock and driven by the spirit of Monty Python busts through the stop sign and you cling on for dear life, enjoying the ride.
New numbers were intermingled with anthems from one, if not the, rock recording of the year “Green Machine”.
Crowd interview walkabouts, an appearance by Janis the megaphone and Rob even brought out the big gun near the end of the set to fire “Green Machine T-shirts into gathering.

Amberdown delivered a solid wall of riff laden sound fuelled by ferocious bass and deadly drums. Dan Connells powerful vocals added another layer to this well received unyielding performance.
Musical Muscle!

Crypt Crawler
Power death metal delivered with precision, skill and alien vocals is suffocating in its intensity. It’s frightening vice grip draws you in and doesn’t let go.

Depravity went deep and ripped open the scab of the primeval scream of human existence. With intense death metal play with dexterous and ridiculous skill the unintelligible vocals sliced though the consciousness and splintered open the meaning of life. The went above and beyond.
Mystical Awakening

Tempest Rising
A brutal set of power thrash metal by one of Perth’s leading acts in the genre kept the adrenaline running high. Dedicated fans broke out with sphericity sporadic mosh pits to sweat it out. With a new album on the way watch out for this metal act around town.
Power Metal!

Silent Knight
Headlining band Silent Knight played a barnstorming balls to the wall set of solid metal. Guitar virtuoso’s with Air Raid Siren vocals, double bass drumming and rampaging bass it a metal at drill bit sharpest and hammer blow intensity.
Perth legends of the metal scene Silent Knight built a solid wall of musical titanium.
Astounding skills by a band on the constant move this original five piece is very much made in Australia, raising a fist for original metal.
Heavy Metal!

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