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Black Magic Love - Part 2


Stirling Arms Hotel, Guildford, 30 Jul 2022


Turning up the volume Datura4 split the rock atom with their heavy boogie fuzz blues. Playing a rocking set that stirred up the airwaves, they raised the vibration level that left the gathered music aficionado’s ready to explode.
With one foot in the Blues, the other in the Rock Swamp, arms, legs and fingers on a permanent boogie acid trip Datura4 are deadly assassins to blow the musical mind.
Playing a shorter set in a rarely seen support set these master maestro’s turned up the volume. The building shook as the building number of music aficionado’s took a visible step back, blown away by this wall of sound.
With a new release in the offering they offered up some tasty snippets in the form of ‘Black Speakers’ and ‘Bad Times’ (please correct me if I’m wrong). Classic numbers such as ‘West Coast Highway’ and ‘Black Dog’ were given a dynamic feature. ‘Looper’ seemed to be given a double dose of an emotional energy hit. The scary ‘Trolls’ pinned you to the wall with a knife to the throat. Deadly!!
With Dom and Joe integrating on guitars, Bob’s sweet and succulent Hammond entwines and twists the musical tree. Stu’s obeisance ducks and weaves, backed up by the indomitable and spirited Wazza driving this Boogie Road Train along.
A magical set joining the swinging opening set to the volcanic eruption of the headlining act.
Band Members
Dom Mariani (guitar/vocals)
Joe Grech (guitar/slide, backing vocals)
Stu Loasby (bass)
Warren “Wazza” Hall (drums)
Bob Patient (Hammond)

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