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Under the Covers Big Bash

Undercover Big Band

Milk Bar, 19 Nov 2022


Immersing myself into something a little more subtle but containing the same swing as those excellent Caballeros fellows I dived into the whirlpool of swings jazz, blues soul and rock covers severed up these demons of dance, the Undercover Big Band tribe.
With eleven (yes count them) talented gorgeously elegant and twisted souls of outstanding music talent dished it up and threw it out in all directions.
A changing soiree of four singers kept the dancers on their toes and this swinging door led to an unforgettable rendition of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” from cancer battler and survivor Erin. This angel was glorious in her delivery and the passion was weeping out of the walls and doors.
On the song title front the swinging jazz, soul, rock interpretations of classic pop rock songs from Abba, Queen, Check Berry and the Beatles to name a few swung the voting audience in their favour.
Playing a massive three set it was inevitable I was not able to last the pace that this tornado of swing that was blown up. Ducking out after two I was a happy duck and paddled off into night.
As it turned out a tip from the street proved wrong and this was not The Caballeros secret gig at the Milk Bar. So, it turned out to be a magnificent medley that opened by eyes and ears to the never ending delights of the Perth musical scene.
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