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Liberated Love – Part 2

Lincoln MacKinnon and the Wrecking Train

Mojo’s Bar, 24 Jun 2022


A full stage featuring the Wrecking Train, fronted by Lincoln MacKinnon, gave a rocking, swinging layered soundscape performance that was full of passion, power and grace.
With keyboards, sax, bass, drums, and two guitars sharing rhythm and solo’s Lincoln’s melodic powerful voice still comes to the fore.
Great musicianship, skills and songs to boot fuelled a country base beat with a harder edge but the keyboards and sax ensured texture and grove that got down.
It was a performance hanging on the edge, letting the desire run free and quenching the thirst, courtesy of the fine Mojo’s Bat staff.
Members include Lincoln MacKinnon, James Winwood, James Dolan and Duncan Strachan. Apologies for leaving out two names.

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