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Full Moon Party– Part 2

Giant Dwarf

Amplifier Bar, 07 Jan 2023


Five-piece Giant Dwarf broke the sonic envelope with wailing fuzzy guitars overlade on rolling drums and thundering bass. As the air clears the interplay from Russ and Richard, feeding off each other’s guitar, breaks clear and lets a defiant melody flow.
The barking vocals from Arron gives direction and space as the magical musicians glide along like the backing video that plays continuously.
Fantasy birds fly as monsters stalk their prey, a reflection of the heavy groove stomp of the Giant Dwarf musical strides.
The live rock music aficionado’s are mesmerised by this powerful performance, a solid wall of auditory reverberations that shook the foundations to the core.
An epic show and definitely a band to catch at your nearest opportunity.
Russ Tee - Guitar
Luke Drag - Drums
Richard Fowler - Guitar
Scott Paterson - Bass
Aaron Sopolinski - Vox

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