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Birthday Bash – Part 2

Legacy Alive

Lyrics Underground, 25 Sep 2022


Legacy Alive are indeed living up to their name, having formed a hard rock legacy in the Perth rock scene. Powered by the unbelievable lighting fast licks of leading light Jacob Kenny this four-piece rock, hard and fast with the uplifting songs taking the listener skywards.

Jacob’s vocals are perfectly suited soaring like a hawk in mid hunt. Of course one body does not make a unit on their own and Jacob is surrounded by other talent.

Bassist Owen is rock solid, interworking with Franks powerful drumming. Curtis is also a talented fretboard worker, delivering metal riffs that put a spring in your step. There is also good interplay with Jacob and the unit fuse as a team.

Legacy Alive are working on new material and hopefully this will be coming to fruition with a release in the not too distant future.

Legacy Alive are Jacob Kenny (vocals/guitar), Curtis (guitar), Owen Fisher (bass), Frank Lupino (drums).
See photos for full set list.
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