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Composition Chemistry – Part 3


The Aadvark Bar, 11 Jun 2022


Like a group of mad scientists experimenting with acid in a chemistry lab Datura4’s likeminded quintet plotted to alter the attending music aficionados brain chemistry, in short expanding their musical consciousness. And that was just the soundcheck!
With the house filling and the supporting acts having done their thing Datura4 got into their time machine, aka as the stage, and blasted off.
Kicking off with “Highway Cosmic” you had the feeling this was going to a free-wheeling set, an endless drive, setting out on a quest, searching for the perfect rock boogie note.
It is never ending, but passing in a flash, with classics such as ‘Trolls’, ‘You Be The Fool’ and ‘Looper’ reminding of you what was past, in the read view mirror so to speak, until you sailed into new territory.
‘Black Speakers’ is a taster off the new album, it’s a humdinger, cruncher full of the beauty we find in Datura4. New single ‘Going Back to Hoonsville’ is already a classic, bringing a tune Billy Gibbons would be proud of into WA and burst out into the Universe.
I think the new recording is set for release around October, and I for one, can’t wait.
For top quality musicianship that combines into a seamless unit you would be hard pressed to find a better posse.
Wazza’s hard hitting drums builds the foundation and drives the unit, as well as getting the females fans attention.
Stu can venture into places unknown but at all times tying it together, sweating in a boogie back beat, giving support to Dom, allowing him room to take the lead and goad the others into formation.
Joes work on the slide is exception and Bobs majestic teasing and buoyant touch on the keys puts the swing into the party.
The set finalised with the hymn of this church, ‘Blessed is the Boogie’ and ‘Oop Poop’ closed the formal set. A highlight for me in the encores was Dom and Joe twin solos during ‘Black Dog’.
At some point in the encore, or closing set, an endless boogie jam was entered into and Datura4 were visualisable gone in amongst the sweat, lights and sound. Lost in the boogie they somehow found their way out, bringing the jam to an end, or else we would still be there, living in a psychedelic dream.
With Datura4 getting picked up overseas by such luminaries as Little Stevens (ex E Street Band) Underground Radio it seems the World is Waiting for the Next Album to drop. Are you hanging out as well?
Band Members
Dom Mariani (guitar/vocals)
Joe Grech (guitar/slide, backing vocals)
Stu Loasby (bass)
Warren “Wazza” Hall (drums)
Bob Patient (Hammond)

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