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Moana’s Kingdom - Part 2


Indi Bar, 19 Aug 2022


Seawitch play their cards with a full on in your face wall of rock that has a vintage solid resonance the transmutes into hip shaking, head nodding, foot tapping bewitching reverberation.
Live wire singer Fiona Horne draws you in with her constant movement that jumps from a hip shaking sixties flower power child of the universe to a rhythm n blues soud sister to a sonic master on guitar. Brad Miller on bass flys under the radar but his rampaging bass runs do not. Epic finger work on those fat lines.
Dave Hopins on guitar produces wicked licks, riffs and spine tingling solos when it counts. Newly installed drumbeat master Wazza (Datura4) powers this unit along with fervent energy.
Following up their self titled four track EP with a full length player that is currently still in the studio Seawitch show cased a number of tracks which blew the brains and budget with a pre-order post gig online dalliance.
For set list see setlist pic in photos
Seawitch are;
Fiona Horne (ex DefX)
Dave Hopkins (ex The Hellmenn)
Brad Miller (bass legand)
Wazza (Datura4 driving force)

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