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Birthday Bash – Part 3

Band of Missfits

Lyrics Underground, 25 Sep 2022


Keeping up tradition powerhouse vocalist Kym Redmond finalised another trip around the sun with a birthday party gig.
Following crowd favourite “Oceans” the four piece rock song unit show cased a new creation, working title “In Her Bed” as a second number.

First however was the raffle draw and fancy dress (I missed the memo) judging. All this extra laughs added to the festive vibrations surrounding this event.

Kicking in with “Paradise City” drum beat “In Her Bed” is a heaver number that launched into a catchy riff. Nods of approval reverberated around the venue. As the band are working on new material there is more to look forward to.
More original favourites followed before the crowd pleaser cover of “Jolene” hit the stage. “Empty Valley” closed the evening allowing Kym to continue to celebrate and the headlining act to take charge.

See photos for full set list.
Band of Missfits are Kym Redmond (vocals/rhythm guitar), Jake Bignell (lead guitar), Lee Matheson (bass), Paul Smith-tbc (drums).
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