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Rock Dogs – Part 3

The Volcanics

Mojo’s Bar, 09 Sep 2022


Running hot The Volcanics blast through a sixteen song set list of old and new (see pix link for full listing). They played loud, They played fast. They whipped it up and brought it down.
The twin guitar sonic riffs by Tommy and Greg the Ledge pinned you to the wall like daggers through the heart. Johnny (vocals) was all emotion, nature, spirit and soul as ever, his kinetic energy pulling in the gathered music aficionado’s.
The strategically placed bass (Levi) allows space while tying it together, This leaves room for the primeval energy that is powered by Alex, flourishing off with a finish that kills.
Meanwhile off the stage the attending dog was dancing while the clown threw it into the ring with moves that astounded.
Check out the links to get into their five album catalogue that stretches back to 2007. Playing north, south and in between there’s no excuse for missing this excess of a show.
The Volcanics are:-
John Phatouros (vocals)
Alex Megaw (drums)
Tommy Hopkins (guitar)
Levi Caddy (bass)
Greg Hitchcock (guitar)

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