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Composition Chemistry – Part 2

Delilah Rose

The Aadvark Bar, 11 Jun 2022


Creative coordination by the artistic leader Delilah gives her bands performances a burlesque flavour. And this was to be no exception.
Leading her masked-up partners in crime, aka band, into the stage front pit, they started a clapping dance that was a signal that this was to be rock show from start to finish.
Delilah’s majestic voice powers layered country rock music. Solid rhythm pacing on guitar adds another layer to the song story telling tales such as ‘Tired’ and ‘Jacks House’.
Nici adds tone and texture with rhythmic instrument and vocal backing, augmented by the occasion excursion on rhythm guitar.
Jess on drums drives the performance along with Erin (bass) and Alana (lead/rythum guitar) adding the rock (star) edge to the swing.
With costume changes, glitter, and hot damm country flavoured rock it’s a show that leaves you starry eyed in admiration.
Talk around the venue was Delilah’s, and her Roses, musical vibrations seem to be heading more into the swinging rock from the pure country western feel these days. No one appears to be resistant to this slight, and welcome, variation.
Delilah Rose (Vocals/guitar)
Nici Bull aka Midnight Francine (guitar/backing vocals/rhythms)
Jess (Drums)
Alana (guitar)
Erin (bass)

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