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Black Magic Love - Part 1

Legs Electric

Stirling Arms Hotel, Guildford, 30 Jul 2022


Legs Electric are never short of surprises and tonight’s set was no exception. However surprise #1 should have been expected.
With Kylie drummer Kylie having the non-negotiable demands of very early childhood Hailmary’s drummer Vas Shevtsov stepped in and stepped up, never missing a beat.
The other members seemed to be on fire with Elana ripping it out on guitar and Erin bouncing around the stage.
Ama’s powerful vocals roared out, loud and proud and her humour shone through as she had to battle a stick on jacket. Working up a sweat Ana stripped down and gave those vocal chords and lungs a real workout.
A ten song setlist of pure guitar driven rock gems fired out and fired up the early birds. Nine original compositions and a surprise cover of Jimmy Barnes’s “Lay Down You Guns”.
See the Photo Sets for a shot of the set list and click the buttons to get into the tunes flying about the internet stratosphere.
Legs Electric never fail to pick up new fans along at every gig as their musical skills and be bopping, head stomping and knee banging tunes are dished out with love and passion.
Legs Electric are Elana (Guitar), Erin (Bass), Kylie (Drums), Ama (vocals).

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