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Santa’s Sinners – Part 3

The Chevelles

Mojo’s Bar, 17 Dec 2022


Kick ass Aussie power pop – indie – punk style rock with more hooks than Bon Jovi exploded on stage to a packed house at Mojo’s bar. The Chevelles kicked ass with in your face boot kicking riffs and a sonic wave wall of sound. A magnificent fifteen song set list was buzzed through before the encores kicked in. Even Santa dropped in dispensing a tray full of shots to rock the party. Then it went silly.
At a moment in time, reminiscent of scene from “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” time stood still as Satan appeared, laughing in glee as Jesus Christ rose from the Dead. His out-streached hand resisting all but temptation as the shot glass was grabbed, in unison the drummer downed a shot in celebration, the bass played slapped his head in despair as all control was lost, and the guitarist ….. played on.
Within a fraction of a second normal time resumed and the gig rocked on to the closing encores.

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