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Playing to Win - Part 2

Legs Electric

Clancy’s Fish Pub Freo, 20 Aug 2022


Playing Clancy’s Fish Pub band room like it was Perth Arena Legs Electric attacked the show with swagger, energy, sweet sweat and style.
Still with a substitute drummer Vas Shevtsov (Hailmary) sitting in for Kylie the girls were firing on all cylinders. Scything through a nine-song collection of rock gems with enough hooks to drag in a shiver of Great Whites it was hard rock heaven.
All the top shots were played (see pix for set list) and centered on only originals. Noted the surprise JB cover that was aired at the Stirling Arms was dropped for this gig.
Business As Usual for this unit meant playing was smooth, spot on, driving and powerful. Inter song raps sucked in the slowly filling room as they gathering got involved.
The big outstanding question of the night is “will Kylie make for the KISS support slot at Perth Arena?”.
If your going write and let me know!
This Train Keeps A Rollin’ On!!

Legs Electric are Elana (Guitar), Erin (Bass), Ama (vocals), Kylie / Vas (Drums).

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