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Triple Header - Part I

Ashes of Autumn
Amplifier Bar, 08 May 2021
Triple Header - Part I

The early bird catches the worm, or in this case the first band in this triple header gig. This early bird made sure he was knocking on the door early and carrying ticket in hand for this anticipated event of three big names.
And this ticket should have carried a health warning as the worm turned into a tiger snake. This transformation was because Ashes of Autumn were hitting the boards first.
As the AoA juggernaut continues their aural assault into the hearts and minds of the world’s online rock music fraternity, Perth being their central base of operations are the lucky ones to get their rock energy live, in the raw.
A plus for AoA being on first is it gives no time for merciless prowling mind to build up the anxiety driven pre-performance nerves. The minus is off course the early birds are a flock of disparate and desperate creatures, low in numbers and where energy levels can bounce from the high to the low vibrations.
But there’s no shortage of energy from AoA and there’s nothing raw about their live sound whatever the numbers they are playing to.
With the musical maestro’s on guitars, bass and drums combining into a rock power unit that builds a formidably solid but flexible base. If your looking for a comparison Bullet For My Valentine sounds with a more melodic hook spring to my mind.
This base allows Mel to springboard from and launch her powerful vocals that punch you in the face and kick you in the teeth.
Running through an eleven song set-list of early and new material this was a no-holds barred barbed wire rock assault.
Get out and see Ashes of Autumn for yourself, you have been warned.

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