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Perth Rocks Festival 2021 - Part XV (15)

This Is Spun Gun
Badlands Bar, 20 Feb 2021
Perth Rocks Festival 2021 - Part XV (15)

If the Caballeros are the naughty nephews (& niece) of the Perth music community then This Is Spud Gun are the Mad Uncles.
With the energy at busting point This Is Spud Gun crashed through the barrier and went beyond. Thrash rock played with insane purpose and precision in front of a rampart following.
Out came the drinks funnel and it didn’t take much enticing to get members into sucking from it like a mothers nipple.
With the finale of smashing guitars and emotional collapses you could have been forgiven to think TISG had just got carried away by the days events and energy. Except for one small fact.
This was just another “normal” (where nothing is normal) This Is Spud Gun gig.
Long May They Rock! It will be safer for All of Us , Trust me.

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