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Perth Rocks Festival 2021 - Part XIV (14)

Silent Knight
Badlands Bar, 20 Feb 2021
Perth Rocks Festival 2021 - Part XIV (14)

Sounding more Bruce Dickenson than Bruce Dickenson and with Dan the Man (vocals) pacing the strange like a crazy Eddie the comparison to Iron Maiden is all to easy. A few songs into the set Silent Knight flexed their musical muscles, getting into a more thrash speed metal sound.
Thus making first impressions not the whole story.
With the explosive, pounding drumming from Dan the Man (drums) I had to do a double take on the kit. Convinced it was double bass I was astounded that it was a single bass drum.
With a full-on set list of driving speed metal songs with piercing vocals it was an astounding performance to behold.
With a ten year plus history behind them, including international gigs and tours Silent Knight are well worth investigating.
Check out their music catalogue in the “MORE” section.

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