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Perth Rocks Festival 2021 - Part VI (6)

The Caballeros
Badlands Bar, 20 Feb 2021
Perth Rocks Festival 2021 - Part VI (6)

If the Perth Rock community is like a family then The Caballeros are like the naughty nephews with lead vocalist Dr Jake the main protagonist.
No holds barred bar room brawling garage rock with punk attitude this roving band of minstrels are in your face, like a ventriloquists doll.
Loud and raucous, volcanic and noxious they are skilled musicians with the thirst for fun.
With two new dancing Goddesses on stage doing “The Caballeros Twist” with these ”Lovesick Casanova’s” is was gem of a set that was therapeutic in excess on the Main Stage that overflowed onto The Floor.

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