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Perth Rocks Festival 2021 - Part III (3)

The Shakeys
Badlands Bar, 20 Feb 2021
Perth Rocks Festival 2021 - Part III (3)

Back to Bar stage and The Shakeys brought the Rock out of the Garage and slammed it on your head and in your face.
With lead singer Clarie fuelled and fresh from a triumphant interview with those purveyors of musical madness, mayhem and all round good vibes, HFH 107.3FM, she was on the constant move.
Working within the physical confines of space Claire roared like panther and brought the steaming heat of the jungle into Badlands.
While the parallel lines on stage were any thing but straight the other seasoned musical members, think Ballbreaker and The Caballeros, thrashed, bashed and boomed, fighting a way into your heart and head and making you love them all with as much vigour as they gave out.

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