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Night Storm – Part 2

Blak Tui
Beaconsfield Hotel, 09 July 2021
Night Storm – Part 2

Blak Tui are a hard rock three piece that drive along a frenetic pace. Chris (vocals/guitar) brings a passion onstage which reverberates with the bass on-the-move supplied by Nick. Driving drums supplied by Darren (he of Bettyramble fame) ensure the velocity is maintained.
Presenting a Shihad / Queens of the Stone Age vibe set of originals they expanded into the night. Halfway through their set something seemed to click (in my brain, band or both) with the compositions taking on a hard edged that propelled the night along into an objectively determinable space-time existence.
With one release (“In Colours) under their belt Blak Tui are a name to watch out for.
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