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Good Time Vibes – Part IV

Milk Bar, 14 May 2021
Good Time Vibes – Part  IV

With the COVID19 disruption playing havoc with Datura4’s live schedule an air of nervous anticipation sat with the band members before they took to the stage.
However as seasoned, revered and respected musicians of calibre it didn’t take long for any perceived dust to be shaken off.
For those not familiar with Datura4 renown guitarist/singer Dom Mariani’s background includes The Stems, DomNicks, DM3 and projects such as The Majestic Kelp. Dom is held in reverence throughout the Perth Rock Community.
Datura4 play rock driven by guitar demon blues. Dom is aided and abetted by the faithful left hand man on busy bass Stu, Wazza on deadly drums, Bob on majestic keyboards and Joe adding to rocking riffs and also on sizzling slide.
This fantastic five play melodic rock hard and fuzzy. Their catalogue kills so check it out as Now is the time for giving.

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