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Ghost In The Room - Part III

The Silent Deeds
Amplifier Bar, 16 Apr 2021
Ghost In The Room - Part III

Launching their excellent new single, “Ghosts”, the audience were privileged to get a showing of the accompanying video.
Filmed in Fremantle prison The Silent Deeds brought some good old fashioned Aussie culture to the Amplifier Bar.
The Deeds kicked of with “The Race” and they were Silent no more for the next hour or so.
Also of note this long standing three piece has upgraded to a four piece, bringing an extra guitarist on stage. This addition brought a harder edge to funk rock sounds.
An excellent set that went down well with the Ghost herself appearing like a phantom and guesting on vocals, blowing away the gathering in the process.
Kudos to the Rockpit for coordinating the show and bringing an excellent rock line-up together.
Long may The Deeds not remain Silent.

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