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Ghost In The Room - Part II

The Caballeros
Amplifier Bar, 16 Apr 2021
Ghost In The Room - Part II

After a much overdue absence The Caballeros returned to Amps Bar. As if to make up for this deficiency they attacked the set with extreme vigour. Like a wild-eyed mongoose front man Dr Jake was off the stage early, getting in amongst the gathering.
Nowhere was safe and even the bar staff were under threat as he paraded along the bar.
The hysterical performance of this fully tuned unit moves the focus from their playing skills. These guys can play, and their brand of garage/hard rock played with punk attitude reverberates the city.
Being the best dressed and most handsome band sets them up as targets for fear and loathing in Perth.
However they battle on regardless, against all odds, so catch them around town for some rock n’ roll that walks the wire.

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