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Aurora Borealis - Part 4

The Aardvark Bar, 12 June 2021
Aurora Borealis - Part 4

Headline act Bettyramble were using this gig to launch their new song “Aurora Borealis” into the stratosphere. With boot stomping, head banging chords the sonic boom was reverberating around the Aadvark’s nookies and crannies.
With the night owls filling up the rooms Bettyramble responded in kind and filled up the sonic space with hard and heavy drumming, thrashing guitar and rumbling bass.
Vocals/guitarist Laurie Luke was kicking it down and left the stage at various points mid song to get in amongst it himself, never missing a note.
Bettyramble play original compositions, cross over the puck/heavy metal/rock/thrash genre, bridging The Gap and doing the unique Australian thing,
With a mysterious “fourth” member getting up a various points to rock with the band, it added to the party atmosphere. This rocking threesome usually round off the evening with the odd choice cover thrown in and tonight was no exception.
Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” was given a seeing to in the most glorious fashion. With the punters wanting more Bettyramble obliged with a Nirvana tune rounded off the evening, with Rob from Electric State joining them.
A great launching pad of a gig. Click links below.

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