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Atomic Hair Raising Event

The Price of Wales, Bunbury, 22 May 2021
Atomic Hair Raising Event

Braving the rain Ballbreaker made the journey down south to bring their Bon era AC/DC show to the mighty Prince of Wales venue.
After firing up with an epic soundcheck of “Dog Eat Dog” the dance floor was cleared and the scene was ready for a two set gig.
Each member is a star in their own right and a masterful mistress of their instrument. Driving drums from Lauren pounding the beat, Jade holding it all together on bubbling bass, Jayne and Krissy run free with wild guitars and Kathryn with pure and perfect scotch fed rock vocals leading the charge.
It’s all about teamwork for this band that plays for the fans and wants them to get up close.
Playing a stellar set list of Bon fronted AC/DC numbers from “Bigg Balls” to “Touch to Much” this band drives on the Highway to Hell and back.
Every gig is an AC/DC Atomic Hair Raising Event to catch them today around the town at a venue near you.

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