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Smash and Grab
Legs Electric

The River, 30 Oct 2020

Smash and Grab

Legs Electric rode into town and blew away the Margaret River Covid-19 Blues with their brand of Maximum Rock n Roll.
Heartbreakers, love takers, they won over new fans who were slammed against the wall by the sonic soundwaves.
Hard edged melodic rock resonating with the spirit of the mistresses and masters who have gone before (think Joan Jett, Girlschool, Deep Purple, Def Leppard, Baby Animals, Suzi Quatro, The Who et al) they crashed the The River like a surf break.
A solid set of Legs classics plus some new treats mixed in – see set list pic for details.
With the bass hitting you like a runaway road train, the on point drumming hammering like Lionel Rose jabs, electric solo’s frying your brain and powerful vocal’s delivering the knockout blow there is nowhere to run and nothing to do but surrender.
The Girls Are Back!!
Abbe May wanted the best band around to support and that’s what Her Majesty got.

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