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Outrageous Rock and Roll – Part III

Lucy's Love Shack, 27 Nov 2020

Outrageous Rock and Roll – Part III

When the nuclear fallout of the Caballeros had settled there could only be one band in Perth that could follow that and make sense of it all.
The Best All Female AC/DC cover band in Perth, if not Australia, Ballbreaker powered up and fired a salvo of classic AC/DC dynamite setlist tunes.
With dynamic skill and musical talent (this Rock Warriors can play, sing and move and then some) server up a slab of foundation Rock.
Also flying without a set list I’m afraid my battered brain cells can only regurgitate “High Voltage, “Big Balls, “TNT” and “Whole Lotta Rosie”. But there was more, so much more.
Next time these Ballbreakers are around do yourself and favour, get out and get back to the roots of Live Rock Music.

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