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Outrageous Rock and Roll – Part II
The Caballeros

Lucy's Love Shack, 27 Nov 2020

Outrageous Rock and Roll – Part II

The most hated band in Perth, because they are the best dressed, took the energy from Flyball Gov’nor, and transmutated it to split the atom. That can be the only explanation for the nuclear explosion that was The Calballeros set.
Playing with majestic skill and speed they blasted off into their stratosphere, sucking up those in attendance and drawing them stage front.
With such a cunning plan, lead vocalist Jake Dr.Greeen was able to unleash his messianic persona into the venue and walk amongst his followers, feeding them a diet of Caballeros Heart Break Rock N Roll originals.
The band now leaderless on stage flung themselves around in panic and distress but without missing a beat, riff or note come to that.
Such is the intensity of a a Caballeros performance, paradoxical in itself by being the same but never the same. The ‘sameness’ being you never know what to expect but there is a knowledge that it will be loud guitars, frantic drums and demented bass playing all orchestrated by a mad genius.
Whose sole aim is to resurrect the spirit of outrageous rock and roll from which ever time period it had manifested itself in.
Without a songlist the musical menu was cooked up on the run, but with the style and flamboyance of a Nigella Lawson and Gordon Ramsey Love Child.
Nearing the end of the set the Dr begged and cajoled members of the headline band to join them on stage for an Easybeats cover song. Ballbreaker members Selina and Lauren obliged on backing vocals while Katheryn joined on lead vocals on a later number.
It was at this stage Caballeros guitarist Jason abandoned his instrument giving to Selina, while grabbing a mic to share, and spar, vocals with the Doctor.
The Caballeros can be summed up by saying every show is mad, never bad and will always makes you smile.

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