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Lighting Strikes – Pandora’s Box
Southern River Band

Freo Social Club, 28 Nov 2020

Lighting Strikes – Pandora’s Box

Tonight the crazy genius of the Southern River Band’s leader and full force loving machine, Callum, opened the Pandora’s Box of the many talents and surprises that exist within the many worlds of SRB.
First, and foremost, the highly anticipated musical skills, starting with the phenomenal lighting fast, thunderous road, rip n tear, cut and thrust lead guitar play. Side kick guitar slinger Donny was more noticeable tonight, taking his fair share of lead breaks. Along with rampaging bass (Pat) and roving drums (Tood) SRB were on point.
Calum dropped the guitar for the mic on numerous occasions, displaying his perchance for romance and strutting his stuff, with prancing and dancing that was on par with Abba. I kid you not.
The best vocals of the night were when Todd Pickett stepped down from his kit and gave an outstanding presentation of his harmonious pipes on a slow number (memory challenges arise).
Never one to be short for words Cal’s inter-song banter was hilarious. At one point his banter was unscheduled when the crowd got a little too rowdy during the outstanding rocker “Chimney”. Other standouts being “Chasing After Love” crowd singing along, “Do You Miss Me”, “Stan Qualen”, “Let It Ride”. Hell the whole damm set.
Family members jammed, Lightnin Jack jammed, and the sold-out venue jammed.
With fire stacks, smoke machines this was an epic performance.
One that is sure to be repeated and check em out while you can. Cos far and away these crazy birds will fly.

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