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Howling At The Moon - Full Moon
Dan Howl and Abbe May

Freo Social Club, 18 Sep 2020

Howling At The Moon - Full Moon

With the music aficionado's, party people and all others well and truly warmed up Dan Howls turned up the energy even more.
With a blues based funky rock set Dan blasted heavenwards. Joined on stage through the night by Thea on sax (The Tommyhawks), the Friendliest Rock Star in the World, Abbe May (vocals and guitar) then Lightin Jack (guitar) it was a collective performance.
When Abbe ascended onto stage with the lights turning red, was it a sign the Devil had joined Ms May?
The audience participated supporting band members stage dives and crowd surfing.
With another show added a repeat performance, with more twists and turns is due for 02nd October.

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