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Drinking from The River of Life
Abbe May

The River, 30 Oct 2020

Drinking from The River of Life

With a packed house the Covid-19 disrupted gig of March finally got underway. Working as a three piece with clever technical dubs Abbe took the energy reverberating from Legs Electric and quadrupled it delivering a flawless performance of Her Majestic compositions.
If you want heavy funk sonic acid house country blues (music sex mixture) that make you sway, dance and move then Abbe’s sounds are for you.
With a brilliant catalogue for “The Devil and Abbe May” to “Design Desire” there’s always the chance you may get some “Hawaiian Disease”. Even when Abbe says “Kiss My Apocalypse” you know that will only bear good “Fruit”. And such was the case tonight.
At one stage the spirit carried Abbe into continuing to perform solo beyond the planned solo numbers, giving the band a good-natured extended break.
When Abbe and band closed the set, rapturous cries for “more” demanded their return for an encore.
As a side note there must have been something special in the air. For when the usual camera-scan card-PC process was carried out post gig some of the pics decided to chop then selves up and give Ausland181 a gift of artistic autism
A mammoth night of fantastic live music down at “The River”.

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