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AC/DC Rocks - Part II
Back in Black 40th Anniversary

Beaconsfield Hotel 10 Oct 2020

AC/DC Rocks - Part II

With a high benchmark to follow “Back in Black 40th Anniversary” performed like Olympic Champions and pulled off a world beating performance.
Celebrating the anniversary of the release of “Back in Black”, the second highest selling Rock album of all time, they pulled a master stroke and continued with the building of AC/DC’s church.
With Bomber leading from the front with strong, emotive vocals they hammered the message home with some of Perth’s top musicians. Once “Back in Back” was played end to end being masters of their trade also some Bon classic’s were rocked out (see song list photo for details).
With a great sound, pyro show and a packed venue they justified their status as one of Perth’s top pub bands.
Great band camaraderie displayed by Brett guesting on the encore and rest of Bon’s Salute sticking around to witness the events.
What a night of AC/DC Rocks, doing AC/DC members past and present proud.

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