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A Juxtaposition of Spirituality
Moana Mayatrix

Mojo's Bar 23 Oct 2020

A Juxtaposition of Spirituality

A Moana performance is a juxtaposition of spirituality. Calmness at the centre of the storm while Moana is the eye of the storm herself.
A gyrating form of non-stop movement, fluid and evolving, erupting like a sensual volcano.
Emerging on stage to a rapturous welcome, backed by a rhythmic vibration from her band, Moana conjured up musical spirits with a chanting spell. Powerful indeed.
The next 40 minutes or so were an explosion of anthemic spell bound energic rock wrapped and mixed with superb musical skills all round.
Controlled guitar mayhem, sonic layered bass tying it all together, driven by hard hitting drumming and Moana’s commanding vocals that go into orgasmic heights.
Drawing from Moana’s previous releases the performance built to a crescendo with an explosive version of the new single “Kingdom”.
The euphoric audience would not let Moana and her band go until they played their version of “One More Song”.
A successful single launch indeed.

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