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Triple Header - Part III

Amplifier Bar, 08 May 2021
Triple Header - Part III

Taking the headlining Honours in this Triple Header Event Ragdoll yet again brought their fearsome musical wares out of the house and into the City’s Side Street Amps Bar.
Drawing from their releases old (“Back to Zero”, “All I Want”, “Rewound” album releases) and new (“Rust”, “Follow the Leader” releases) it was a preverbal hard rock storm.
Mid set a flawless rendering of ‘Holy Diver’ demonstrated Ragdoll’s power, strength and dexterity that is always omni-present in their original compositions. This rocking three piece deliver riff driven headbanging sounds, spine tearing solo’s, inspired vocals and thunderous hard hit hitting drumming.
If that’s your cup of tea you can’t go wrong so why not check out the links around and grab their online sounds.
In summary Ragdoll puts in another flawless heavy rock hair raising experience.

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