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Electric State
Milk Bar, 28 May 2021

With the atmosphere still having an electric buzz from the opening act, any clouds that had started to gather in the interval were cast asunder as the Electric State blasted into the stratosphere.
The eccentric, eclectic rock riffing cutting edge Russ guitar sounds, damaging bass by Paul meeting Bills double damage drums and the supersonically strong vocals of Rob “Get Into You” from the onset. No joke but “You Can’t Get Enough” and want to “Light It Up” and “Run”.
Song along chorus in “Just Blood” got the strong gathering chatting along. There was no escape as Rob got the Janis the Mega-phone out and got on the couch, in amongst the standing musical aficionado’s, behind the bar and scaled the stage rig.
I think you get the idea of the musical madhouse of the Milk Bar. There’s only thing left to say “F@#k You Darryl”!
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