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Aurora Borealis - Part 2

Electric State
The Aardvark Bar, 12 June 2021
Aurora Borealis - Part 2

The inclusion of the Electric State on this line-up was a welcome bonus. As this unit love playing and are running hot they seem to be getting onto as many bills as they can.
Which is a gratuity for the early birds and night owls that flock to the Perth music venues around the town.
Their powerful hard rock, leaning towards a nineties sound, is ubiquitous as is front man Rob Viney.
During the storming “Fed by the Algorithm” his powerful vocals also highlight the melody Rob possesses.
Driven by the powerful drumming from Bill and roaring bass by Paul, the guitar slab is laid by Russ with Rob picking up a six string on occasions to augment the foundations.
Janice (the mega phone) was also taken on vocal excursions. Rob is well and truly and man of the people and regular gets out and into the crowd during songs for roving interviews.
Strangely enough the majority of those questioned all seem to respond with chorus lines from the likes of “Light It Up”, Government”, “After the Fall” and “Just Blood”.
With a lack of stage rigs to climb Rob was still able to find adequate tables to scale to satisfy the need to get higher.
In fact during “Just Blood” Rob pulled me up onto the stage front. Being the day after my fifty seventh birthday I can be forgiven for not being as nimble as I used to be and in the ensuring scramble for balance Rob ended up flat out on the stage floor. How he missed Russ’s pedal boards defines belief.
Showing his dedication, in the horizontal Rob never missed a beat. Likewise the rest of the band, as they packed down to guide the Aardvark Cellar into a rebel rousing sing along.
It’s fast and furious with slices of hard rock cooked to perfection.
Electric State – Don’t Hesitate !!
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