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2021 Kick Off - Part IV
Ashes of Autumn

Rosemount Hotel, 08 Jan 2021

2021 Kick Off - Part IV

Following such a dynamic set put Ashes of Autumn front person Mel on edge and generated the nervous tension necessary to go above and beyond.
Ashes of Autumn responded in kind as one and delivered a stunningly powerful performance.
With strutting, screaming, pouting and harmoniously shouting backed by a dynamic hard and heavy rock unit, Mel and the Ashes of Autumn cooperative kicked ass big time.
This gig was launching their new single “SuperNova” and this track also launched their supersonic set. They crossed into the twilight time zone as their hour long eighties heavy metal nineties flavoured hard rock set of originals flew pass in no time at all.
While the smallish numbers were attributed to festive and covid-19 hangover period on an artistic level it was success story that should become destined to become legendary in the annuals of the Perth Rock music scene.

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