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23 May                   Motley Crue                                        Alice Cooper                      Arena, Perth


23 May                   "SHE ROCKS" Baby Animals /           n/a                          Charles Hotel, North Perth

                                 The Superjesus


22 May                   "SHE ROCKS" Baby Animals /           n/a                          Charles Hotel, North Perth

                                 The Superjesus


16 May                   Legs Electric           Maverick / Custom Royal                Indie Bar, Scarbourgh


14 May                   Dallas Frasca        The Tommyhawks/ The Siren Tower    Mojo's Nth Freo


09 May                  The Heartache State                        Halfway                   The Cherry Bar, Melbourne



07 May                  Ace Frehley                     Psychonaut / Legs Electric    Astor Theatre Perth


03 May                  Katie J White                   Mister and Sunbird/            Mojo's, North Fremantle

                                                                         The Regular Hunters  

26 Apr 15               Jeff Martin                            Rob Walker                        Mojo's Bar, North Freo


24 Apr                   Morgan Bain                   Jake & The Cowboys                        Norfolk Hotel, Fremantle


23 Apr 15               Lepers & Crooks             Legs Electric                               Mojo's Bar, North Freo


18 Apr 15               Michael Franti                Blue King Brown/Donavan      Redhill Auditorium, Perth

                                                                         Frankenreiter/Tijuana Carterl


18 Apr 15               Ragdoll                              Hailmary / September Sun    Civic Hotel, Perth


15 Apr 15               Kallidad     Candice McLeod   /Ensemble Formidable   Rosemount, Perth


11 Apr 15              Adam Hill & the Soul Session Fidelity               Fly-By-Night, Trades Hall, Freo


10 - 12 Apr 15                                                                                                        Fairbridge, WA


29 Mar 15                                                                                                              Fremantle, Perth


29 Mar 15            Kingswood                        Tired Lion / MyEcho                  Newport Hotel, Freo


27 Mar                 Kingswood                        Tired Lion / MyEcho                  Capital, Perth


24 Mar 15              Uriah Heep                     Ragdoll / Legs Electric     Astor Theate, Mt. Lawley, Perth

20 Mar 15              Morgan Bain & The Swoop     Go-Set/Jake & The        Mojo's North Freo



 15 Mar 15                          Tony Joe White            The Majestic Kelp          Astor Theate, Mt. Lawley, Perth


27 Feb to 01 02 Mar         NANNUP MUSIC FESTIVAL                                Nannup, WA


Dallas Frasca Review

HOT LIST now Goes Down !!

13 Jun 15                "SHE ROCKS" Baby Animals /           Valhalla Lights      The Tivoli, Brisbane        

                                 The Superjesus

26 Jun 15                "SHE ROCKS" Baby Animals /           tba                            West Point, Hobart       

                                 The Superjesus

27 Jun 15                                                                                                          North Freo Venues


04 Jul 15                Tim Rodgers & The Bamboos         Felicity Groom    Rosemount Hotel, North Perth

09/16/23/30 Jul 15                                                                                               Fremantle Venues

10 Jul 15               Hells Bells                      Maddcatz / Legs Electric           Leopold Hotlel, Perth

24 Jul 15                 Killer Hipsters    The Peaky Blinders/The                    459 Bar, Rosemount, Perth

                                                             New Invincibles/Neil Preston                           


24 Jul 15                 The Floor                     Old Blood                                   Mojo's, Fremantle               

25 Jul 15                 RagDoll                  Summerset / Legs Electric            The Velvet Lounge, Perth

31 Jul 15                 Hells Bells                Maddcatz                                      Cornwall Hotel, Narrogin

02 Aug 15                 The Shops                Various                                      Mojo's, Fremantle


22 Aug 15                Legs Electric          Maverick/The Caballeros/          The Boston, Nothbridge

                                                                                     Old Blood  

22 Aug 15                Kenny Austin          tba                                         Odd Fellow-Norfolk, Fremantle


27 Aug 15                Various - Animal Rescue Group Fundraiser         Rosemount, North Perth

27 Aug 15                Single Ladies / Rob Walker & Fiend      Newport Record Club / Fly-By-Night

28 Aug 15                Morgan Bain        tba                                                  Mojo's, Fremantle

29 Aug 15                Datura4      The Volcanics/Maverick                        Mojo's, Fremantle

12 Sep 15                The Boys Revisited              tba                                   Charles Hotel, North Perth


12 Sep 15                Them Jackdaws      Delilah Rose and the Gunslingers       Swam Hotel, North Freo

                                                                             Kenny Austin Music

19 Sep 15              The Volcanics      Dirtwater Bloom/The Calballeros         Velvet Lounge, Mt.Lawley


25 Sep 15                Babyjane                Silent Deeds/Foulplay              Velvet Lounge, Mt.Lawley

27 Sep 15                Sebastian Bach            Legs Electric                          Astor, Mt.Lawley

17 Oct 15                Legs Electric              The Terradactyls                Sth St Ale House, Fremantle

22 Oct 15                Tijuana Cartel              tba                                           Mojo's, Fremantle


23 Oct 15               Datura4               Huge Magnet                                   Indie Bar ,Scarbourgh

 24Oct 15                Tijuana Cartel                                                       Rosemount, North Perth


 30 Oct 15                Rob Walker    The Tommyhawks/Oz Island Live     The Paddo, Mt



31 Oct 15  Norfolk Lanes Festival (Figurehead/Paulie P/The SRB/Katie j White/red Engine Caves)

14 Nov 15                             Legs Electric                                  Beaufort St Festival, Perth

21 Nov 15               Def Leppard                 Baby Animals / Live       Redhill Auditorium, Perth

28 Nov 15              Jon Toogood                 Rob Walker                          Indi Bar, Perth

05 Dec  15              see below                 Palace Of The King         Charles Hotel, Perth

05 Dec  15          The Screaming Jets      see above         Charles Hotel, Perth

13 Dec  15                               Kallidad         (n/a)       Fremantle Arts Centre, Perth

08 Jan 16            U2 Tribute Night (Various)      North Freo Bowling Club

09 Jan 16            Axiom Festival   / Various     Rosemount Hotel

16 Jan 16     The Southern River Band  Marmalade Mama/The Durongs    Indi

                                                                                                                   Bar, Scarbourgh

23 Jan 16        Majestic Kelp Vs Day of the Dead         Indi Bar, Scarbourgh

30 Jan 16    Tumbulgum Rock Bushfire Appeal      Various   Tumbulgum Park, WA


19 Feb 16          Moana / Apollo's Son        Lana / Vin      Mojo's, North Fremantle

21 Feb 16          Katie J White                    KJW Solo       Fremantle Arts Centre

28 Feb 16         Datura4                             Old Blood       Fremantle Maritime Musem

04-05 Mar 16       Various                         Various            Nannup, WA

19 March 16          Buck Cherry                     Legs Electric          Metropolis, Fremantle


02 Apr 16          Legs Electric      Dirtwater Bloom & Bobby Burgess   Indi Bar, Scarbourgh


21 May 16          The Floor              Legs Electric / Racoo Charles  Indi Bar, Scarbourgh


10 July 16          The Story of Bon Scott w/ Nick Barker        Fly-By-Night Fremantle

29 July 16          Legs Electric   Dirtwater Bllom/Tequila Mockingbyrd   Indi Bar, Scarbourgh

26 Aug 16       Hells Bells           Maverick /   Legs Electric   Rosemount, North Perth

23 Sep 16       Richie Sambora            Orianthi                       Metro, Perth