Night Storm – Part 4

Electric State

Beaconsfield Hotel, 09 July 2021


In terms of Anthem Rock one of the most musically astute and entertaining bands on both the musical and crowd participation fronts around Perth now has got to be Electric State.
Letting loose with their brand of nineties sounding infused hard rock they provoke a reaction. Furious, hard hitting drumming (Bill), artistic and rampaging bass (Paul), a solid wall of guitar sonics (Russ) pave the way for front man Rob (vocals/guitar/megaphone/smoke machine/interviews) to create havoc.
Despite playing a previous gig that night front man Rob summoned up the energy of a rampaging rhino to get in amongst the crowd for sing-a- longs, interviews and straw poll voting.
However in one respect it was a quiet night nothing was broken, including Rob’s body.
‘Fed By The Algorithm’ and ‘Just Blood’ are among the stand out tracks that are available on streaming devices.
Get in amongst it at the next Electric State gig around town soon.